Sports Exams & Physicals in Murfreesboro, TN

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I’m Dr. Helton.

I started practicing medicine in the year 2000, and over the past 19 years have treated and served over 15,000 patients. I’m the current president of the Middle Tennessee chapter of Family Physicians, an Executive board member of the Tennessee Academy of Family Physicians and Chairman of St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital Family Medicine Department.

Helton Family Medicine, a Murfreesboro family doctor’s office, conducts sports physicals and athletic exams for children and teenagers located in Murfreesboro, TN.

Your child might be an athlete, or need a yearly physical as required by their school. Helton Family Medicine can help. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends annual Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis & Testing (EPSDT) to ensure proper development, early medical issue diagnoses, and regular athletic testing.

Sports exams and wellness checkups are required for athletes entering the seventh and ninth grades prior to sports participation.

If you’re in Murfreesboro, TN, Helton Family Medicine is a local family doctor’s office that can perform sports exams for you and your family.

  • Step 1: History Form
  • Step 2: Physical Examination Form
  • Step 3: Clearance Form
  • Step 4: Athletic Participation

Medical History Form

Prior to seeing your physician, you and your child will fill out the History Form. This is a basic pre-appointment form that asks questions about medicines and allergies, heart health, family history, bones and joints, and any potential medical issues.

The purpose of this form is to give the healthcare provider some basic background information about your student prior to the exam. This is an important time to list any events in one’s health history that could require further review or discussion with a healthcare provider.

Physical Examination Form

The physical examination will include a review of several health indicators, such as pulse, lung function, vision function, etc.

In concluding the exam, the health care provider will (1) clear the student for all sports without restriction, (2) clear for sports without restriction but with recommendations for further evaluation or treatment, or (3) not provide immediate clearance.

Clearance Form

Upon discharge, the student and parent will be provided with a clearance form that summarizes the exam findings. This form can be used in lieu of the physical exam form and health history form; it may be an appropriate alternative for any circumstances in which HIPAA concerns are an issue.

Consent for Athletic Participation & Medical Care

Finally, the parent or legal guardian of the student athlete will fill out a form detailing allergies, medications, insurance information, and emergency contact information. This form acknowledges legal responsibilities and protocols in the event of injury.